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Landcruiser 200 Series GVM Upgrades are now available!


While we are known for building Australia’s best turn key Landcruiser 200 Series Dual Cab conversions in Australia, we also build 200 series wagons for customers! From wheels, tyres, suspension, UHF’s, bar work, cargo draws and roof racks… we do it all in house.

As part of our Landcruiser builds, we always upgrade the GVM of the vehicle.  (you will see why below). It makes for a better ride, safer vehicle and also ensures your vehicle is not deemed unroadworthy and remains insured.

Another benefit for NEW Landcruiser 200  buyers is you may now be able to purchase your 200 series wagon, let DMW add our approved cargo and load carrying package and save paying luxury car tax.  This could save you up to $10,000 off the purchase price of the new vehicle! 

From the Toyota factory, the 200 Series only has a payload of 610kg’s. This is with an empty vehicle with no passengers, fuel or anything in it. It really does not give you any ability to load your vehicle and still be not only safe, but legal and insured!

Consider a standard 200 series owner who adds some modest accessories to the car. The numbers look like this:

  • 160kg: 2 x Adults (even more weight if travelling with kids! )
  • 100kg: Bull bar, brush rails and side  steps
  • 55kg:   A set of all Terrain tyres (additional weight over factory tyres)
  • 40kg:   Rear draw system
  • 50kg:   Roof rack
  • 350kg: Towing of a 3.5T trailer with a 10% ball weight

Total accessory weight: 755kg

A breakdown of the numbers:

  • Landcruiser 200 series Kerb weight: 2740kg
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): 3350kg
  • Total payload available: 610kg
  • Less the total weight of the accessories and a full tank of fuel: 755kg

= 145kg OVERWEIGHT and now uninsured!  

If you are not towing a trailer, you will still only have 205kgs for other items such as additional people, equipment and cargo.

Being overweight is only just the start of the challenges. Should there be a fatal accident that involves an unroadworthy and uninsured vehicle, you may be liable.

DMW Industries GVM upgrades for Landcruiser 200 series owners

This is why we created the two GVM upgrades packages. It is simply a requirement for anyone looking to use their 200 series for anything more than running the kids to school.

We have two GVM upgrade packages available:

  • 3820kg – Which increases your payload by 470kg.
  • 4495kg – Increases your payload by 1145kg.

DMW Industries are federally certified, tested and engineered for all our GVM packages. Our GVM upgrades have past strict testing and engineering in order to be strong, safe and legal.

We don’t believe in replacing parts that engineering tests have proved to be strong, legal and safe. This is why we don’t replace diff housings and other items which are an unnecessary cost and may void sections of your Toyota driveline warranty. (so why waste money!?)

If you want to SAVE big $$ off your NEW Landcruiser 200 Series or need a GVM upgrade, Give us a call on 07 4630 2369.