3800kg & 4250kg Options

Our GVM upgrade for the Next Gen Ford Ranger will increase your vehicle's legal carrying load up to an impressive 4250kg, without affecting handling or performance. We offer fully compliant and QA checked upgrade options with federally approved SSM.

Up to 1020kg GVM Increase*

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Fully Federally Approved SSM

Dobinsons Suspension Package

QA Check & Compliance Tested

Option #1: 3800kg GVM

Up to 570kg* GVM increase


This package comes complete with Federal SSM Certification, a Dobinsons Suspension Package, enhanced shackle pins and U-bolts, polyurethane bushes, a tail shaft spacer, premium HD airbags, Cat 6 Indicators, and comprehensive Engineering.


Expect a lift of approximately 40-50mm, depending on your vehicle's load and distribution. Note that space cab and single cab models will require chassis bracing at additional cost.

Option #2: 4250kg GVM

Up to 1,020kg* GVM increase


This comprehensive upgrade includes everything from the 3800kg GVM option along with chassis bracing to fortify essential frame sections. Additionally, diff bracing is installed on the rear housing, and axle loads are reinforced to accommodate the increased GVM loading.


To certify this upgrade, upgraded wheels and tyres with a minimum load of 1320kg are necessary. Similar to the 3800kg upgrade, expect a lift of approximately 40-50mm, depending on vehicle load and distribution.

Option #3: 300mm Chassis Extension

Get more from your Next Gen Ford Ranger with the 300mm chassis extension option. It's engineered and federally approved, available with 3800kg and 4250kg GVM upgrade packages, along with SSM certification. Need help with post-registration engineering compliance? We've got engineering support with approved signatories ready for you.


Our 300mm chassis extension for your Next Gen Ranger will extend your brake lines, tail shaft, wiring, hand brake cable, and exhaust for enhanced durability and stability, whether on or off-road.

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Brake Testing

To have federal approvals as a second stage manufacturer, we complete exhaustive FEA testing and analysis plus brake testing to ensure your vehicle is safe at the increased GVM.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA), is a computer simulation technique that analyses our GVM upgrade products in great detail to carry out a stress, vibration or heat transfer analysis and many other physical analyses. The FEA combined with brake testing ensures your family are safe and your vehicle is insured once a GVM upgrade has been added to your vehicle.

What can you expect..

We've teamed up with Dobinsons Suspension to ensure optimal on-road and off-road performance while adhering to GVM regulations.


Each component of your upgrade undergoes stringent quality control measures to uphold the highest safety and performance standards.


In addition to this, we handle DMW diff bracing in-house, assuring top-notch quality and craftsmanship.

*Actual GVM increase & availability subject to specific model variants, excludes Raptor.

Carry more - Safely & Legally

The allowable payload on most modern 4WDs seems great on paper, but gets quickly used up when accessories, gear and passengers get loaded in. Remaining under the vehicles Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) can seem almost impossible.

DMW is a recognised Second Stage Manufacturer (SSM) which allows us to develop and federally certify components to increase your vehicle's GVM.

This allows DMW or their authorised dealers to fit GVM kits for a variety of vehicles both Pre and Post Registration.

Maximise your allowable payload without risking your roadworthiness.

Each complete GVM kit has been extensively tested to ensure ADR compliance is maintained.

Safety and performance by design

Is my GCM automatically increased when a GVM upgrade is fitted?

QUEENSLAND - GCM and other modifications

NSW, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, and VICTORIA - GCM and other modifications


TASMANIA - GCM and other modifications

*A vehicle that is legally registered in one Australian state of Territory with a BTC, GVM or GCM upgrade, can legally travel in another state or Territory.


** Please note that as of the Administrator Circular released in June 2018 BTC upgrades are not permitted on light vehicles. Please see exert below.


“The towing capacity of a light vehicle expressed as Gross Combination Mass (GCM) rating or Rated Towing Capacity or Maximum Braked Towing Mass rating must not exceed the value set by the first stage manufacturer. Second stage manufacturers are not permitted to increase the towing capacity as part of an SSM IPA that results in GVM upgrade,” it stated in Section 10.6, of the 0-4-6 circular issued in June 2018