3999kg & 4499kg Options

If you are a Y62 Patrol owner building a touring vehicle and wants to ensure it is safe, reliable and insured, the DMW GVM upgrade and project build service  is an excellent solution for a 'one stop shop' solution to your Y62 build.  Save time, and money by having the Y62 Patrol experts build your patrol. 

We have two federally approved GVM upgrade options available for Y62 owners. A 3999kg and 4499kg GVM upgrade. This means there is a GVM upgrade option available to suit family trips close to home, or full loaded around Australia trip towing a caravan.

Option #1: 3999kg GVM

Up to 499kg* GVM increase

  • GVM increased from 3500kg to 3999kg (499kg increase)
  • Front axle rating increased from 1650kg to 1700kg
  • Rear axle rating increased from 2030kg to 2450kg
  • Towing Capacity 3500kg
  • Upgraded Dobinson suspension and handling package
  • Front & rear wheel alignment
  • Pre & post registration options
  • Includes federal certification and engineering costs if performed pre-registration
  • Cat 6 Indicators
  • Heavy duty airbags
  • Up to 2" lift

Option #2: 4499kg GVM

Up to 1219kg* GVM increase

  • GVM increased from 3280kg to 4499kg (1219kg increase)
  • Front axle rating increased from 1650kg to 1700kg
  • Rear axle rating increased from 2030kg to 2900kg
  • Towing Capacity 3500kg
  • Upgraded Dobinson suspension and handling package
  • Front & rear wheel alignment
  • Pre & post registration options
  • Includes federal certification and engineering costs if performed pre-registration
  • Cat 6 Indicators
  • Airbag Man Airbags
  • Up to 2" lift
  • Chassis Bracing kit (for conversions)
  • Upgraded Lower Rear Control Arms
  • Wheels and tyres upgraded with higher load ratings

Dobinsons Suspension Package

Up to 1291kg GVM Increase*

Fully Federally Approved SSM

Australia Wide Dealer Network

QA Check & Compliance Tested

Upgraded Lower Rear Control Arms

We've developed a set of upgraded lower rear control arms that is based on factory parameters but strengthened and FEA tested to 2900kg axle load for our monster 4499kg GVM upgrade. They are sandblasted, primed, and powder coated for a strong and durable finish in a recognizable DMW orange. The DMW Y62 lower control arm upgrade is a must for Y62 owners looking to stay out on the tracks longer or just looking at a larger GVM upgrade. Reuben has personally punished and tested them himself. Certified to withstand your vehicle's loaded weight and numerous "Reuben Revs".

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Brake Testing

To have federal approvals as a second stage manufacturer, we complete exhaustive FEA testing and analysis plus brake testing to ensure your vehicle is safe at the increased GVM.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA), is a computer simulation technique that analyses our GVM upgrade products in great detail to carry out a stress, vibration or heat transfer analysis and many other physical analyses. The FEA combined with brake testing ensures your family are safe and your vehicle is insured once a GVM upgrade has been added to your vehicle.

*Actual GVM increase & availability subject to specific model variants

GO FULL BUILD! Optional y62 Extras

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DMW Locker Box/Dog Box
Vehicle Lighting & Worklights
Platform Racks
On Board Air Compressors
Towing Mirrors
Long Range Fuel Tanks
Water Tanks

Diff Protection Cages
Electric Brake Controllers
Throttle Controllers
Secondary Batteries
Electrical Packages
Wheels & Tyre Packages
Exhaust Systems
Communication Packages
Jerry Can Holders

Spare Tyre Holders
Fridge Drop Slides & Cages
Rear Ladder Racks
Reverse Cameras
Window Tinting
Wheel Alignment
Underbody Vehicle Protection
ECU Remap & Dyno Tune
Tow Kits
Drawer Systems

Carry more - Safely & Legally

The allowable payload on most modern 4WDs seems great on paper, but gets quickly used up when accessories, gear and passengers get loaded in. Remaining under the vehicles Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) can seem almost impossible.

DMW is a recognised Second Stage Manufacturer (SSM) which allows us to develop and federally certify components to increase your vehicle's GVM.

This allows DMW or their authorised dealers to fit GVM kits for a variety of vehicles both Pre and Post Registration.

Maximise your allowable payload without risking your roadworthiness.

Each complete GVM kit has been extensively tested to ensure ADR compliance is maintained.

Safety and performance by design

Is my GCM automatically increased when a GVM upgrade is fitted?

QUEENSLAND - GCM and other modifications

NSW, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, and VICTORIA - GCM and other modifications


TASMANIA - GCM and other modifications

*A vehicle that is legally registered in one Australian state of Territory with a BTC, GVM or GCM upgrade, can legally travel in another state or Territory.


** Please note that as of the Administrator Circular released in June 2018 BTC upgrades are not permitted on light vehicles. Please see exert below.


“The towing capacity of a light vehicle expressed as Gross Combination Mass (GCM) rating or Rated Towing Capacity or Maximum Braked Towing Mass rating must not exceed the value set by the first stage manufacturer. Second stage manufacturers are not permitted to increase the towing capacity as part of an SSM IPA that results in GVM upgrade,” it stated in Section 10.6, of the 0-4-6 circular issued in June 2018



"My wife and I have been planning to travel around Australia for quite some time. We have watched countless you tube videos, looked at many web sites and chatted with many like minded people.

On one occasion of watching youtube videos, I came across a fellow who was doing a comparison of the Y62 and the 200 series towing a caravan in all different situations. This comparison was exactly what I was looking for and the Y62 came up trumps.

Little did I know that the fellow was indeed Reuben of DMW. That video was the final piece of the puzzle on making the decision as to which car to buy. The next step was understanding what a GVM upgrade is, how much did we need and who to pick to do it.

 Again we did a lot of research and we decided DMW was the company we wanted to hand our brand new dream over to. DMW was definitely the right decision.

 My wife drove our dream car home, with me following behind and constantly calling her to ask how the ride was and what she thought.Let’s just say my wife was extremely thrilled with the experience.

Then it was my turn to drive EMU, but also pick up our brand new 20ft 6 Sunseeker desert storm off road caravan. We both agree that the car is so smooth to drive and the best car we have ever driven.

We could not fault it.

The decision by DMW to put on the Legendex exhaust system had us both nervous, but WOW what a sound. It is truly special. Way beyond our expectations. Perfection. Everybody that has seen our car and heard it has been amazed.

I even like the rear lower suspension arms being orange. In my opinion this is better than having a DMW sticker. It is a statement to all that the work was carried out by DMW which is something I am very proud of.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole DMW team for what they our have done to our dream car.

You are making peoples hopes and dreams a reality. Please keep doing what you all do. - Lee & Jan H."