Tray FAQ

Can I get the tray a custom length?
Unfortunately no. As mentioned previously, we have a fixed line of products and sizes. We are cautious to manufacture oversized trays for vehicles due to concern around vehicle GVM weight, rear overhang (read: strain on the chassis) and rear axle weight limits.

How does the tray get mounted to cab chassis?
Our mounts bolt to the vehicle and then the tray bolts to the mounts. This reduces the risk of fatigue cracking. When you fully weld mounts they can crack, this is why we bolt them. This is a proven design that has been refined over the years with countless hours of testing and R & D in some of Australia’s harshest conditions.

I want to fit an under tray draw, will my spare still fit under neat the tray?
Yes! The spare tyre mounting configuration stays the same on all dual cab utes except for the Landcruisers 79 series. We move the spare tyre mount onto the headboard for the Landcruisers unless you specify the under tray tyre mount with swing away door.

The tray size measurements are they OD?
No, they go from the rear of the headboard to the rear the of the tray floor (ignoring tray sides).

What sizes are the trays?
Our standard tray dimensions  are 1880 wide x 1900mm long. However certain vehicles do need different sizes.

  • A 79 series Landcruiser dual cab with a 300mm extension can have a tray in a 1900mm or 2100mm length. Single cab 79 series utes are 2500mm in length.
  • Our Amarok, Patrol & 200 series conversion trays are made at 2000mm wide & available in a range of sizes from 1250mm -2100mm please call our sales team to discuss further.
  • American Truck trays are made 2100mm wide and are available in 1900mm, 2100mm and 2500mm lengths.

What does we do with the reverse sensors and camera?
We have relocate the camera and mount it onto a bracket that we make. Please note, the camera position will be different to the factory tub due to the tray being longer than a tub. We point the camera at the tow ball to assist in connecting a trailer or van to the tow ball. The sensors are mounted in a specially design panels integrated into the rear tail lights. If your vehicle has blind spot sensors, we make custom mounts for most of these however please discuss with the sales team as many models are currently being updated.

I see there are marks on the sheet metal on my raw alloy tray where it has been folded and welded. Is this normal and can it be polished out?
It is normal for some machinery to leave slight fold line marks on the sheet metal as it is manufactured, although great care is taken to avoid this. Unfortunately polishing these marks destroys the attractive mill finish of the raw sheet metal. Once you start polishing aluminium you need to do the whole panel and it rarely looks as good as the factory mill finish. We still build our trays and canopies by hand and there will be marks from fabrication, handling and weld penetration. This is impossible to avoid due to the nature of being a hand made product. A powder coated or painted finish is available for ease of maintaining the good looks so please discuss this with your salesperson.

Can I change my tray between vehicles, different make/model?
Yes! We use a multi runner system which means that your tray can move to your next vehicle saving you a considerable amount of money.

What’s the height of the trays?
Landcruisers 70 series are 1050mm (from floorboard to the top of the headboard).
American Trucks & 200 series/Amarok trays are 960mm.
All other makes are 900mm (front floorboard to the top of the headboard).

What happens to the style side?
We remove it as quick as possible and take no responsibility for any damages to the old tray/tub. If you wish to keep the existing tub or tray, please take it with you on the day of collection as we will dispose of it.

Can you fit a dual battery in your tool boxes?
We recommend you store batteries in a Canopy/Locker Box or under the bonnet. We locate our battery under the bonnet in 200 series by default. Our toolboxes have not been designed for a dual battery setup.

Can I get a timber floor in my tray?
No, we do not offer a timber floor. Timber is high maintenance and simply not a product we will offer.

Are tail lights included with the tray?
Yes, all our trays come standard with premium LED tail lights. On a DMW Premium tray, we offer a rectangle LED light with the option to upgrade the tail lights to a round tail light option. Our DMW XT range (XT200, X-Tourer and XT-79) trays come standard with Maxilamp individual round led’s. All out tail lights come with a plug in loom for the model they are being fitted to.

Can I change the headboard design or profile?
No, our headboards are our own design which is CNC mandrel bent for the best fit and highest quality bends. We don’t change our standard sizes as our machinery and tooling are set up for our standard designs.

Can I get the tray fully painted?
Absolutely, we are happy to arrange.

Do you powder coat the trays?
We recommend powder coating as the most durable option and offer a variety of metallic, hammertone and coloured finishes.

What water tank options do you offer?
We have a 70L poly water tank option for our trays. We do not offer stainless water tanks as an option.

Do you make an under-tray fuel tank?
We offer a headboard diesel tank gravity fed option ranging from 60L-80L depending on your tray size and style.

Where does the fuel filler go?
We have brackets for all models designed which utilizes the existing filler neck and cap. You can choose to fit a locking cap. We offer a fuel filler relocation kit for the Landcruiser dual and single cabs when toolboxes are fitted and our XT trays have a stainless filler built into the headboard standard.

Do LED tail lights cause radio interference?
Most modern 4wd’s come with standard incandescent bulbs. LED tail lights, Spotlights and Light Bars may affect your vehicle as they are an aftermarket product however please advise the sales staff immediately if you have any issues.

Will I need a GVM upgrade on my vehicle?
If you are fitting a tray only it may not be needed. If you are fitting a tray and canopy we highly recommend it. Tray and canopy packages combined with typical 4×4 accessories increase the weight of a vehicle. A GVM upgrade is recommended on most makes and models to ensure trouble-free touring, and for your vehicle to remain legal when loaded. Please discuss this with your salesperson so we can recommend the best product for your needs.

Why does the BT-50/Ranger have plugs and wiring next to the passenger side front guard?

The Ranger and BT-50’s have a connection point for the factory wiring harness next to the passenger side front guard. This is exposed underneath the vehicle from factory, and is visible once the styleside/tub has been removed. Vehicles delivered as Cab Chassis have this wiring exposed from factory with no issue, and we have never experienced any issue with it being exposed. Although we don’t make a panel to cover these as our guards are universal and adjust to suit many makes and models, the exposed wiring themselves are waterproof.